Kickass Entrepreneurs

Kickass Entrepreneurs

If you like hearing local entrepreneurs’ stories, visiting new venues and sharing that experience with others, then join Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs (KAE) of Silver City at our Story Time events, typically on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 5:30-7:30ish PM.

KAE features storytellers who hail from across ages, stages and industries – from manufacturing to food startups.

And with time to schmooze with other smart, hardworking, motivated, creative and
supportive entrepreneurs and like-minded community members before and after every
Story Time event, you’ll get to experience for yourself just how friendly and collaborative OUR startup and entrepreneur community truly is.

Typical event flow:

5:30-6 Grab a Drink, Order Food + Schmooze
6-7ish Story Time + Audience Q+A
7-7:30 More Schmoozing

Generously sponsored by Suzi & Janey.

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Modeled after Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs of Santa Fe (KAESF), which launched in 2018 and
organically grew to events consistently attended by 25–65 local fans of entrepreneurship,
community members and ecosystem partners each month, we’re proud to be part of a growing network of KAE Communities.

Silver City MainStreet Project has been putting on Kick-Ass Entrepreneur Story Time for over a year now!

We have had an amazing line up of entrepreneur Story Tellers! We are so grateful that they were boldly willing to tell their story of how they got started, resources that have helped them along the way and what is coming next for them. We appreciate nominations and entrepreneurs who volunteer to tell their story.

Past story tellers: 

  • G-Boyz Beef Jerky – The Jerky Store & More: Andy and Andy Gomez
  • Blush: Crystal Herrera
  • Javalina Coffee House: Sam Aliban
  • Ziryabs: Brenda McFarlane
  • Twin Sisters Cycling and Fitness – AJ Tow
  • Recreation Works and Offroad Specialties: Aaron and Tighe Burg
  • Metal Mysterium: Steven Anderson
  • La Bonita Bakery: Sandra Calderon and Troy Miller
  • Little Toad Creek Brewery: Teresa Dahl-Bredine and David Crosley
  • Flowers on 11th: LaRea Holladay
  • TGI Frybread: Paulo and Adelina Veltri
  • Power and Light Press: Kyle Durie
  • Bear Creek Herbs: Naava Koenigsberg
  • WolfHorse Outfitters: Joe Saenz
  • Tranquilbuzz Coffee House: Dale Rucklos & Renya Craig

Upcoming Storytellers: 

  • Buck Burns, David Van Auker, and Rick Johnson of Manzanita Ridge Furniture Antiques on Wednesday, June 19 at Little Toad Creek outdoor patio.