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Downtown Silver City is a busy place, home to diverse businesses and beautiful historic buildings — a great place to live and work. The variety will encourage you to shop local.

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Silver City, NM . . . stay a day, a week or a lifetime!

Continental Divide Trail – Silver City is proud to be the first Gateway to this world-class trail adjacent to the nation’s first designated wilderness. Whether you seek a vantage point, or desire an expansive perspective, our 3.3 million acres of wild and scenic national forest land can be explored on foot, mountain bike, or from high in the saddle.

The Gila River – one of the last wild, free-flowing rivers in the Southwest, the Gila provides a historic, meandering walk or canoe trip, where nature and nurture intersect.

Tamer ways to play – there are lots of ways to have fun here! Refreshment and sustenance are to be found downtown – local watering holes, coffee shops, farm-to-table, upscale dining side-by-side with down-home eateries. Soak in the scenery! Our epic vistas and dark night skies offer the most unforgettable experiences!

Four gentle seasons – year ’round Silver City provides the perfect backdrop for exciting outdoor festivals. Whether you dig clay or the blues, art or chocolate, cars or bikes, gems or the written word, there is always something happening in Silver City!


Does your curiosity lean toward the Precambrian or Paleolithic, toward cultural preservation, permaculture — or counter-culture? Do your interests pertain to the archeological, geologic, or biological?  Does your idea of vintage conjure up images of a vineyard, a rare vinyl find, or an antique armoire? If you resonate with life-long education, or the perfect place to edit your memoir, this is the place where more of your story will unfold. At 5900 feet in elevation, Silver City is a breath of fresh air.


Your spirit of innovation is welcome here! Bring what you know and ideas to grow. Our community’s commitment to the creative economy is evident in our local markets, makerspaces, galleries, and in the collaborative attitudes of our citizens. Host a pop-up event, a retreat, or hang up your shingle and set up shop. “Work remotely” amidst breathtaking landscape and endless sky. With 295 days of sunshine per year, an open-air office is an option.

Wilderness highway
The Silco at night
Boston Hill